Hi baby, i'm your advanced sleep medicine. check out this pre-master banger:

regina belle samples, rickenbacker bass plugin, synth1, ableton warm drumkit selector, some wild lfo EQ mapping on the master for cool phasing. definitely the best song i've made.

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Physical Modeling Effect Rack

Check out this Ableton physical modeling effect rack that I’ve been putting together. I’m going to label this the starter version, but the rack has all you need to quickly shape out your instruments with some acoustic properties. 

I’m working on transforming this effect rack into a couple of instrument racks that will let you design some cool instruments all in one place.

Go ahead and download the project file, open it up in Ableton and then hit the save disk image on the top left of the physical modeling effect rack to save it to your computer.

Download Rack


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Constantly Optimistic


I get a lot of writers block trying to come up with words to sing, so for this song I jumped between old Evernote notes and mix-and-matched words to give myself some deep, deep lyrics.

The piece is a two-track structure, one clean track with an acoustic guitar tuned to EG#BF#BD# to get a cool open sound for the verse and a second duplicate track processed through Ableton’s Corpus. I used Corpus to model string material tuned to G# to create a drone throughout the song.

The outro is a loop of the chorus exploring Ableton’s Grain Delay effect through different amounts of spray occurring at different frequencies.

I enjoyed writing this pop/noise/drone piece and I’ll hopefully continuing pursuing more lengthy noise/drone pieces. 

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Cloud Boy an Android Bullet Hell Game


Check out this Android game I made... a year ago. Cloud Boy was my first attempt at making an Android game, and it’s just been floating around on some of my android devices for too long now, so I decided to share it with the rest of the #world.


It’s a really simple bullet hell game, but it’s presented in a very round and very bright graphic style. My initial goal when creating Cloud Boy was to take a difficult game genre and present it in a friendly, modern design style for Android with some cool sound design implementations.

Here’s a breakdown of the sound design:

  • The music is sampled from raindrops hitting a window and then played out in a sampler set to an arpeggiator
  • Cloud Boy’s Ice Shots are sampled from a frying pan, and then randomly pitched using Unity’s built-in tools
  • The sun shooting bullets is warped from a vacuum cleaner
  • The sound of the sun exploding and dying is amplified and distorted room ambiance
  • Cloud Boy's dying cry is a transposed and sped up field recording of a group of loud Bros chatting outside of a Trader Joes.

I’m pretty proud of this game and it’s inspired me to attempt another a well designed, cute bullet hell game.

Download the .APK

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