Cloud Boy an Android Bullet Hell Game


Check out this Android game I made... a year ago. Cloud Boy was my first attempt at making an Android game, and it’s just been floating around on some of my android devices for too long now, so I decided to share it with the rest of the #world.


It’s a really simple bullet hell game, but it’s presented in a very round and very bright graphic style. My initial goal when creating Cloud Boy was to take a difficult game genre and present it in a friendly, modern design style for Android with some cool sound design implementations.

Here’s a breakdown of the sound design:

  • The music is sampled from raindrops hitting a window and then played out in a sampler set to an arpeggiator
  • Cloud Boy’s Ice Shots are sampled from a frying pan, and then randomly pitched using Unity’s built-in tools
  • The sun shooting bullets is warped from a vacuum cleaner
  • The sound of the sun exploding and dying is amplified and distorted room ambiance
  • Cloud Boy's dying cry is a transposed and sped up field recording of a group of loud Bros chatting outside of a Trader Joes.

I’m pretty proud of this game and it’s inspired me to attempt another a well designed, cute bullet hell game.

Download the .APK

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